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Collection Okasaki Collection
Description In Japan, there is a day of the Doll's Festival (or Hina Matsuri) on March 3. Parents celebrate their daughter's happiness, grouth, and good health on this day. This festival has its orgin about 1,000 years ago in the Heian Period (794-1192). It is a traditional custome to display ceremonial dolls on tiers shelves covered with scarlet carpet. Those dolls are dressed in the fashion of the people of the ancient court. The Emperor and Express are placed on the upper-most t tier, followed by the ladies in waiting and ministers. There is a superstition about Hina dolls. If a girl does not put away the dolls quickly after Hina Festival, then she will not get married for a long time.
This dish is a part of the decoration with Hina dolls. It is a dish for "Hishimochi." Hishimochi is a special colored (usually green, pink, and white) and diamond shaped rice cakes. When they decotate Hina dolls, they are going to put on the Hishimochi on this dish. It made from wood board; gold flower paints at just front.
Dimensions H-1.9 W-4.5 D-2.3 inches
Category 4: T&E For Materials
Object ID 2002.0001 b.
Object Name Dish
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