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It is a doll of Princess. It is a part of Hina dolls. In Japan, there is a girl's festival (call Hinamatsuri) at 3 March. It is an occasion to play for young girl's growth and happiness. Most homes with girls display Hina-dolls for Hinamatsuri and dedicate to them peach blossoms, hinaarare (rice cake cubes), Hishimochi (special colored and diamondshaped rice cakes), Shirozake (white sake), and other items. This princess call "Ohina-sama", it is doll empress consor in ancient costume, patterned after the Emperor and Empress consor, are placed on the highest tier of a five or seven-tiered stand covered with a red carpet, and other dolls. Ohina-sama is wearing Japanese traditinal Kimono (colored red and orange) and has black short hair. He should hold a small fan and wearing crown, but already lost these. In hers Kimono, there are crown embroideries and two motifs (colored orange, white, pueple) from her sholder.
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