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It is a figurine of Chinese Yamarajya. Japan also has kind of same Yamaraja, it called "Enma-ou." The nema whereby Enmaten is more commonly known in Japan and China in his role as kning of the underworld and judge of the dead. After his introduction to China, from India his cult was strongly influenced by Taoist and other popular beliefs, and Enma-ou came to be regarded as one of the ten kings of underworld. It is in this form that he is known and whorshipped in Japan, and he is generally depected with wrathful mien and a long beard. He wears folowing Chinese robes and a judge's hat, and holes a mace. He may also be flanked by a number of retainers, including Shimei and Shiroku, whose duty it is to investigate and record the sins of the dead. Enma-ou is usually enshrined in a special chapel called Enma-dou (often together with the other nine kings of the underworld). His beard made from animal bristle. There is a hole on his back. Painting of face part peeled away. Similar object; 2002.0039
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