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Record 125/232
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Collection Beatrice Holt Collection
Description This decorative tray has many carvings all over the tray, and also handle. There are four indian people on the middle. Left side of two men and woman are looking at right side man. He is talking something for three ambassadors. He looks like high-ranking person. A indian lady wearing traditional dress "Sari" with some kind of jewelries. Sari is a long piece of cloth that wrap around body like a dress, worn especially by women from India (Hindu). She has a mark on hers forehead. It called "tilack" in India . Another two indian men are also wearing traditional dress and hat. They are all doing same poses. Four people are all sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. The edge of a tray became lace shape, and there are several holes on the part of the lace. The tray has some kind of lines and circles (pattern of flower?).
Dimensions W-8.2 L-8 inches
Category 2: Building Furnishings
Object ID 1982.0104
Object Name Tray
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